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Instructors can set up a Grade Book that reflects their approach to evaluation. You control the grading formula used to calculate grades and which projects, assignments, tests, etc. are graded; how grade items are associated with other tools, and when grades are released to users and what information they see.

Use the individual Grades pages located in the left sidebar to learn more about Setting up Your Grade Book, Creating Grades, Managing Grades, Entering Grades, and Final Grades

You can use the Grades tool to:

  • Control the grading formula used to calculate grades.
  • Control what assignments, quizzes, discussions etc. are graded.
  • Submit feedback and grades to students.

Send to PeopleSoft button (Export Grades Tool)

Primary Instructors can now send their Grades directly from onQ to PeopleSoft!

Note: The tool will retrieve Final Grades in onQ from the Final Adjusted Grade column in the Grade Book. If empty grades exist in this column, the tool will pull Grades from the Final Calculated Grade column. 

Please follow the instructions on Sending your onQ Grades to PeopleSoft.