What is H5P?

H5P (an abbreviation of HTML5 Package) is an open-source plugin that gives you the ability to create, share and reuse content like interactive videos, interactive presentations, games, and quizzes to engage students in your course.

The most common places to add H5P are in content, announcements, or discussion.

H5P content is created anywhere the HTML editor is available by using the Insert Stuff button. 
Insert Stuff buttonInsert Stuff Button



Why Use H5P?

  • create and share rich, interactive content, such as presentations, videos, quizzes, surveys, etc for course enrichment, learning activities, and assessments
  • increase engagement in your course
  • integrates with the onQ grade book
  • no technical skills required
  • all content can be reused, shared and adapted
  • fully integrated with onQ, responsive, and accessible

Create H5P Interactive Content

Types of content instructors can create:




Accordion Arithmetic Quiz Audio Branching Scenario Collage
Create vertically stacked expandable items
Arithmatic Quiz
Create time-based arithmetic quizzes
Upload an audio recording
Branching Scenerio
Create dilemmas and self paced learning
Create a collage of multiple images


Chart Column Course Presentation Crossword Dialog Cards
Quickly generate bar and pie charts


Column layout for H5P Content


Course Presentation
Create a presentation with interactive slides


Create a crossword puzzle


Dialog Cards
Create text-based turning cards
Dictation Documentation Tool Drag and Drop Drag the Words Fill in the Blanks
Create a dictation with instant feedback
Documentation Tool
Create a form wizard with text export
Drag and Drop
Create drag and drop tasks with images
Drag the Words
Create text-based drag and drop tasks


Fill the Blanks
Create a task with missing words in a text


Flashcards Guess the Answer Image Choice Image Hotspots Image Slider
Create stylish and modern flashcards
Guess the Answer
Create an image with a question and answer
Image Choice
Create a task were the alternatives are images
Image Hotspots
Create an image with multiple info hotspots
Image Slider
Easily create an Image Slider


Interactive Book Interactive Video Mark the Words Memory Game Multiple Choice Question
Interactive Book
Create courses, books or tests
Interactive Video
Create videos enriched with interactions
Mark the Words
Create a task where users highlight words
Memory Game
Create the classic image pairing game
Multiple Choice
Create flexible multiple choice questions
Quiz Question Set Single Choice Set Sort the Paragraphs Summary True/False
Quiz Question Set
Create a sequence of various question types
Single Choice Set
Create questions with one correct answer
Sort the Paragraphs
Create a set of paragraphs to be sorted
Create tasks with a list of statements
True or False
Create True/False questions
Virtual Tour (360)        
Virtual Tour (360)
Create interactive 360 environments



  1. Select the Content link in the navbar.
  2. In the menu on the left, under Table of Contents, click the module where you want to create the H5P content.
  3. Click the Upload/Create button
  4. Select Create a File.
  5. Enter the Title of the new topic.
  6. In the onQ Editor, click the Insert Stuff icon.

    Add H5P to a content file
  7. Under Insert Stuff, select the HP5.

    Select H5P
  8. H5P will now open. Now click the blue Add Content button.

    Add Content button
  9. Click on the H5P content you want to add to your course.

    Select content

  10. Click on Tutorial for instructions.
  11. Click on Example to see a setup content activity.
  12. In the Title field give the content activity a name and then fill in all the fields as shown in the tutorial.
  13. Once you have filled in all the fields click the Save and Insert button.

    Fill in the content fields to setup the activity.
  14. You will now be shown a preview of the content activity.  
  15. Click the Insert button to add it to the module in onQ.


H5P content can be graded. As soon as you Insert a new H5P item in your course, a grade item will automatically be added to your onQ grade book.