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Perusall is a social reading platform that allows instructors to make course readings available in a variety of ways. Instructors can combine open educational resources, their own materials, and published textbooks. All the documents in Perusall are locked to this platform, and students must complete all readings inside of the platform and cannot download or print readings. Students can write full comments, “like” students’ comments, use hashtags, link URLs to their comments and even use emoticons. Perusall allows students to collaborate with one another on their assigned readings, thus turning the reading and studying process into a social versus a solitary activity.

To use Perusall in your onQ course, first ‘Enable Perusall’ during the course creation process <link to CCT+ documentation>.

Providing your materials to the Library Reserves team will ensure copyright compliance.  When enabling Perusall, through CCT+, the Library Reserves team will receive an email of your intentions to use Perusall and will then reach out to you to obtain your course materials.

Once Perusall has been enabled in your onQ course, to then add a Perusall link to your course, follow the below steps.

  1. In your module within Content, from the 'Existing Activities' drop-down list, choose 'External Learning Tools'.
  2. Next, click on the 'Perusall' link.  (This will place the link into your Content module.)
  3. From the External Learning Tool drop-down, choose 'Edit Properties In-place'.
  4. Check the 'Open as External Resource' checkbox.

You will add a single link for an onQ course and point students to that link for all Perusall usage, related to the course.

For documentation on using Perusall, please visit their support site.

To connect with a Perusall support agent, email support@perusall.com.