Grant Funding Basics with Pocketed

Are you looking for supportive capital to scale your business? Are you ready to take next steps in growing your team or entering new markets, but need some funding to cover costs?

Rise Workshop for WE-CAN Community of Women Entrepreneurs

Are mental health challenges or addictions causing you (or someone you know) to struggle with the launch or growth of your business? If so, Rise may be the right solution.

Virtual Cafe: What is a WE-CAN Mastermind?

What is a WE-CAN Mastermind and how can it help you grow your business?

Advisory Board Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

Is an Advisory Board the next move for your growing business? If you're a woman entrepreneur, join us to learn more from a seasoned expert!

Virtual Cafe: Uncovering New Revenue Streams

Are you a woman-identifying entrepreneur who's looking to grow her business through new revenue streams?

WE-CAN Wrap Up Celebration!

Join other women entrepreneurs in the WE-CAN community to celebrate the wrap-up of the WE-CAN Project

Mastering Your Money Mindset Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

Participants will also be guided through an exploratory exercise to help uncover hidden blocks that may be sabotaging their money mindset efforts

Baby in the Boardroom: Pitching & Presenting with Kids

Join other women entrepreneurs in the WE-CAN community to learn about the fine art of mixing babies and business

Virtual Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs: What's Next for the WE-CAN Project

Join other women entrepreneurs in the WE-CAN community to learn about the program's next steps

Think Like Your Customer: Applying Human Centred Design to Your Business

Learn how to think like your customer by applying the principles of Human Centred Design with Executive Coach + Consultant Melanie Lang.

Content Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs

Do you struggle to create engaging and inspiring content for your business's social media? Heck, do you struggle to make any type of content?

Virtual Cafe for Women Entrepreneurs: Ask + Give Session

Join the WE-CAN community of entrepreneurs for a festive "Ask + Give" session where we ask for what we want and share what we have to give!