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Safety Considerations and Cautions

All of the laboratory and field techniques used at PEARL require some familiarity with standard laboratory or field safety procedures. The responsibility for safe and careful application of these procedures is yours. Always obtain all information available (Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)), proceed with caution and follow the safety procedures provided. Use safety glasses/ face shield, lab coat and gloves. Leave food and drink outside and never wear sandals in the lab. All this is particularly important when you are using strong acids, alkalies or oxidizing reagents.

Queen's University now offers real-time electronic MSDS reference through ChemFFX and ChemWatch. A reference sheet that provides help with this system is available just outside our laboratory doors. More help and ChemFFX training is available through the Queen's Environmental Health and Safety webpage on ChemFFX.  Below are links to some safety information you should have.

ChemWatch is your most important electronic MSDS reference. For more information on how to use this resource, visit

Glove Selection Guide.The glove used must correspond to the chemical in use. Some of the best availible information for matching the type of glove with the chemical to be used, can be found on the Queen's Environmental Health and Safety website. If you intend to use a chemical for which we do not stock an approaite glove, ask the technitian to aquire them.

Ice Safety notes from the Lifesaving Society

Ice Safety notes from the Canadian Red Cross

Queen's Department of Biology Safety Page

Polar Bear Safety

Firearms Safety Training. For fieldwork in the Arctic, a firearms safety certification is required. This link leads to one possible source of training.

Boat Safety Training. For much of the fieldwork done at PEARL, a Pleasure Craft Licence is required. Traininig and certification information is availible at this link.


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