The current conflict in the Middle East and in particular, the violence in the Gaza Strip, is cause for concern around the world. At Queen’s, there are many people affected and many more that are watching anxiously to see if this conflict can be resolved quickly without any further loss of life. This is a deeply troubling situation fraught with complexities. The university is committed to ensuring that the situation does not polarize our community. Recent social media posts by the Queen’s Journal have been the subject of controversy. The Queen’s Journal is a student run newspaper under the direction of the Alma Mater Society and as such, is independent of the university. Support for the Journal is provided by student fees which are to be collected to support the overall operations of the publication.

This is a harassment and discrimination-free campus and our primary responsibility must be to maintain an environment where all our students, staff and faculty feel safe and supported. Anyone experiencing any form of harassment or discrimination should contact Campus Security and the Human Rights and Equity Office. Queen’s recognizes that its students may be personally impacted by this situation and encourages those in need of additional support to connect with Student Wellness Services.

Patrick Deane
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
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