Prospective Students

For the projects being conducted over the next several years, the Adolescent Dynamics Lab will need dedicated graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in understanding and improving the emotional lives of children and adolescents. Lab members are trained to proficiency in various methods of conducting high quality research, including the technical skills for recording and analyzing psychophysiological and observational data. See this video for info about the Developmental Program and the video below on the Adolescent Dynamics Lab.

Undergraduate Students

Interested undergraduate students can apply to be a volunteer by completing and returning the application form (Word doc, 49 KB).

Graduate Student Training

My training focus is to foster excellence in sophisticated research techniques and, most importantly, communication. I encourage students to publish and present. The goal is for the 6 years of MSc/PhD to result in a minimum of 6 publications: first year project, master's thesis, 3 PhD dissertation manuscripts, and comprehensive examination paper. Motivated students are well on their way to more than that. The reason? My job is to make sure that my students have as many opportunities as possible upon completion of the degree. A successful publication record, opportunities to collaborate with international researchers, and other experiences related to student goals (e.g., psychoeducational interventions, teaching) provide the best chance of getting an interview, postdoc, or landing the next job.

Watch a video about the Adolescent Dynamics Lab