Research Team

Adolescent Dynamics Lab 2023-2024

Adolescent Dynamics Lab - 2023-2024

Bottom row (left to right): Tom Hollenstein, Vanessa Martin, Xiaomei Li, Christina Meier, Sherry Han, Phoebe Macleod Emmer, Sarah Steadman, Isabel Ianni, Khushi Sarah, Diana Romano, Sarah Robichaud 
Top row (left to right): Maddie Fellows, Megan Wylie, Katie Faulkner, Haley Miller, Brenna Hartleib, Chloe Levy, Grace Armstrong, Seva Gill, Deanne Pinto, Emma Graham

Not Pictured: Alexandra Tighe, Olivia Berry, Jacqueline Parry, Liza Pleshkevich, Jamie Weiner

Lab Director

Tom Hollenstein

Current MSc/PhD Students

Xiaomei Li

Xiaomei Li, Ph.D.
Current Year: Post Doc

Research Interests: My research aims to identify key risk and resilience factors that contribute to the socioemotional well-being of adolescents and families. From the dynamic systems and biopsychosocial perspectives, I examine developmental implications of the flexibility in adolescents’ biobehavioral emotion regulation and parent-adolescent psychophysiological coordination. Currently, I am interested in integrating individual and dyadic regulatory processes at multiple time scales (e.g., moment to moment, day to day, year to year) to better understand how development occurs in relational contexts.

Alexandra Tighe

Alexandra Tighe
Current Year: PhD 6

Research Interests: I am interested in socioemotional development across childhood and adolescence. In particular, I am interested in the study of flexibility in emotion regulation and its impact on adolescent development.

Megan Wylie

Megan Wylie
Current Year: PhD 4

Research Interests: I am interested in the form, function, and development of expression suppression, an emotion regulation skill. My dissertation examines when and why people use expressive suppression, individual differences in its use, and its impact on psychosocial functioning in naturalistic and day-to-day circumstances.

Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin
Current Year: PhD3

Research Interests: My research interest surrounds the developmental needs and milestones of adolescents and how parents can meet these needs through acting as a resource to their child. More centrally, my focus is on emotion socialization and how parents can aide their child in developing an effective relationship with their emotions in order to optimize wellbeing throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Additionally, I believe that emotions are inherently social, and that in learning about emotions, we are really learning about ourselves in relation to others. For this reason, I have also taken an interest in identity development as a process, and the role parental autonomy granting plays in this process.

Katie Faulkner

Katie Faulkner
Current Year: MSc 2

Research Interests: My research explores adolescent digital experiences and social and emotional development in digital contexts. I seek to understand how adolescents are using digital technology to achieve social and emotional developmental goals, as well as the parenting processes that unfold that shape adolescent digital experiences.

Project Coordinator

Sarah Robichaud

Current Research Assistants

  • Olivia Berry

  • Liza Pleshkevich

  • Emma Graham

  • Jacqueline Parry

  • Deanne Pinto

  • Sarah Steadman

  • Seva Gill

  • Deanne Pinto

  • Khushi Sarah

  • Chloe Levy

  • Jamie Weiner

  • Diana Romano

  • Brenna Hartleib

  • Christina Meier 

  • Isabel Ianni

Project Students:

  • Maddie Fellows

  • Grace Armstrong

  • Haley Miller

Current Honours Students

Pheobe Macleod Emmer

Research Interests: I am interested in learning about the ways in which adolescents regulate their emotions, specifically their use of the emotion regulation strategy of expressive suppression. My thesis will explore differences in state-level emotional expressiveness between high and low habitual suppressors.

Sherry Han

Research Interests: I am interested in social load sharing through physical touch and it’s effects on emotional expression, arousal, and emotional repair! My thesis will investigate how handholding in mother-daughter dyads can impact their positive emotional expression and physiological arousal during emotional exchanges.


Tyler Colasante

Tyler Colasante, PhD

Tiffany Tsui

Tiffany Tsui, PhD

Tiffany completed her PhD dissertation “Interpersonal Emotion Dynamics in Friendships During Adolescence” in 2021.

Vanessa Schell

Vanessa Schell, PhD

Vanessa completed her PhD dissertation "The role of avoidance and stress in understanding emotional dysfunction in adults and adolescents with a fixed emotion mindset" in 2020.

Kalee De France

Kalee De France, PhD

Kalee completed her PhD dissertation "Emotion Regulation Success and Strategy Choice During Adolescence" in 2019. She is now completing a postdoc at Concordia University.

Jessica Lougheed

Jessica Lougheed, PhD

Jess completed her PhD dissertation "Interpersonal Emotion Dynamics in Mother-Daughter Dyads during Adolescence" in 2016. She completed a Banting postdoc under the supervision of Pamela Cole and Nilam Ram at the Pennsylvania State University. Jess is now an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan.

Alex Irwin, MSc

Alex ‘Peeps’ Irwin completed her Master’s thesis titled “Emotion Recognition in Youth Chronically Victimized by their Peers” in 2014. She is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology in the “Child Self-Regulation Lab" at Ryerson University.

Jennifer Eastabrook, PhD

Jennifer completed her PhD "Emotional Awareness and Alexithymia: Emotional Processing and Regulation in Adolescence" in the Adolescent Dynamics Lab in 2013. Jennifer is now an Assistant Professor at Trent University in the Department of Psychology.

Lindsay Lavictoire, MSc

Lindsay completed her MSc project "Affective Dynamics of Rejected Children in Triadic Peer Interactions in Early Childhood" in 2010.

Jessica Flynn, MSc

Jess completed her MSc project "The Relation between Emotional Acceptance and Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Girls" in 2009. Jess is currently a clinical psychologist at the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment, offering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other evidence-based treatments for complex mood and anxiety disorders across development.

Helena Brink (2022): Individual & Environmental Characteristics of Adolescent Shame-Proneness

Sofia DeJordy (2022): Testing Whether Adolescents Regulate Depression-related Emotional Intensity with Expressive Suppression

Ashley Thompson (2021): Examining potential pre-existing predictors of adolescent anxiety changes during the Covid-19 pandemic

Devyn Whitaker (2021): Effects of Emotion-Related Digital Habits on Adolescent Mental Health Across the Covid-19 Pandemic

Amanda Semke (2020): Examining Emotion Dysregulation as a Vulnerability Factor in a Diathesis-Stress Model of Depressive Symptoms across Adolescence

Anjalika Khanna Roy (2020): Trait Anxiety and Emotion Mindset as Predictors of Strategies for the Successful Regulation of State Anxiety

Lauren Lin (2019): Support Through Screens? Examining Digital and In-person Emotional Support and Emotion Regulation

Romina Vitaver (2019): Emotion Suppression in Naturalistic Interactions: Associations with Psychosocial Functioning in Best Friend Dyads

Nicole Stephenson (2019): The Convergence of Emotional Distress in Mother-Daughter Dyads

Lily Kittur (2018): The Relationship between Emotion Regulation Repertoires and Relationship Quality in Adolescent Best Friend Dyads. Winner of the W.R Thompson Prize in Psychology and the CPA Certificate of Academic Excellence!

Abbey Lee Hallett (2018): Does Social Avoidance Explain the Relation Between Implicit Theories of Emotion and Psychosocial Functioning? An Examination of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Effects in Adolescence.

Ellen Jopling (2017): Investigating the Relationship Between Self-Conscious Affect and Symptoms of Anxiety in the Context of a Video Game Intervention

Victoria Jin (2017): Emotion Regulation and Implicit Theories of Emotion during Adolescence

Sarah Alati (2015): Affective Empathy, Emotion Regulation and Relationship Quality as Predictors of Adolescents' Negative Emotionality in Mother-Daughter Interactions

Andrew Sherman (2015): Avoidance and Engagement During a Video Game Designed to Reduce Children's Anxiety

Tanya Tran (2015): Maternal Emotion Coaching in Positive and Negative Interactions: Individual Differences and Psychosocial Outcomes

Lorinda Bruinsma (2014): Effects of Physical Proximity on Emotion Co-Regulation in Mother-Daughter Dyads

Brittany Killer (2014): Psychophysiological Responses to Peer Victimization: Differences between Victimized and Nonvictimized Children and Adolescents

Casey Fulford (2013): Socialization Experiences in Relation to State Shame and Trait Shame

Tanya Lai (2013): Effect of Suppression on Emotional Expression, Experience and Arousal

Genna Pearce (2013): Rumination and Aggression as Gender-Specific Mediators of Changes in Social Anxiety Across Adolescence

Alexandra Ruddy (2013): Depressive Symptoms and Emotion Regulation Difficulties as Predictors of Risk-Taking Behaviour and Perception in Adolescence

Liz Brown (2011): Shame as Mediator between Involvement in Bullying and Internalizing Disorders

Allison Rinne (2011): Interpretations of Situational and Emotional Cues as Predictors of Emotional Reactions Following Peer Victimization

Adrian McNeely (2010): Cardiac Indices of Mood Symptoms and Age-Related Differences in Female Adolescents

Shannon Cluett (2010): Differences in Coping Strategies and Emotion Regulation Associated with Alexithymia

Hanna Perry (2009): Associations between Emotion Regulation and Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescent Girls and their Mothers

Julie Gerrits
Julie completed her honours thesis "Individual Differences and Changes in Mother-Daughter Conflict Across Early Adolescence". Julie went on to complete her Masters in Counseling Psychology, focusing on the relationships among family systems factors (i.e., parental stress and family functioning) and youth's residential treatment outcomes at the University of Western Ontario.

Sera DeRubeis
Sera completed her honours thesis "Individual Differences in Shame and Depressive Symptoms across the Adolescent Transition". Sera went on to complete a Master's degree in School and Clinical Child Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Under the supervision of Dr. Isabela Granic of the Hospital for Sick Children, she investigated how changes in parenting behaviours influence treatment outcomes for aggressive youth. 

Sarah Somerton
Sarah completed her undergraduate honours thesis "The Impact of the Interaction of Adolescent Inhibition and Family Expressiveness on Behaviour Problem Outcomes" in 2008.

Jenny Glozman
Jenny completed her undergraduate honours thesis "Self-conscious Affect in Adolescence: Observed Behaviour and Relations to Depression" in 2008.