Online Reporting with VESTA for Campus

It’s not your fault. We believe you. We hear you.

Queen’s University Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Services (SVPRS) has partnered with VESTA Social Innovation Technologies to provide students who have experienced sexual violence, with online options.

VESTA for Campus is an online support hub. Following a trauma-informed question and answer format, the app will guide you through recording your experience by describing the incident through a series of sensory-based questions.

VESTA Logo with the words: record, support, report.


From your computer or phone, VESTA allows you to:

Access resources. Whether you need to find local services, informative handbooks, or mental health support, VESTA will provide curated resources from our community of experts.

  • Record your experience. Following a trauma-informed format, you can document your experience at your own pace and in your own words. You can also attach social media files, emails and other documents to your record.

  • Access On-Campus Support. Disclose online to the SVPRS. Get information about options and on-campus services. If you choose to, you can file a complaint to Queen’s University.

  • Access Off-Campus Support. Connect with the local Sexual Assault Centre and access free, confidential, non-judgmental support regardless of gender or identity.

  • Anonymously submit. Submit information without providing your name. No investigation will be launched.

  • Report to the Kingston Police. If you choose to, you can provide your name and contact details. The police will contact you to discuss options and next steps.

The complaint process can be overwhelming, so we encourage you to engage with support services before, during, or after connecting with the VESTA app. To find out more about VESTA, visit their website.

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