SNO+ Research Group at Queen's University

SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University
SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University

Graduate Students of SNO+ at Queen's

Yan Liu

Yan "Peter Jr." Liu

PhD Candidate
Superpower: Ability to be in a different continent every week.
Weakness: Is becoming more like Peter every day...
yan.liu at | 613-533-6000 ext.77839

Ian Lam

Ian "Meow" Lam

PhD Candidate
Superpower: Meow meow meow.
Weakness: Meow.
ian.lam at | 613-533-6000 ext.75543

Benjamin Tam

Benjamin "Mega-Awesome-Super-Cool-9000" Tam

PhD Candidate
Superpower: Made this website so he can say anything he wants about himself.
benjamin.tam at | 613-533-6000 ext.77839


Ingrida Semenec

Ingrida "Geonu" Semenec

PhD Student
Superpower: In a super secret, extra elite geoneutrino group. No seriously, its only for big deals in the field. There's an early morning conference call because it's very international. Like, all the big names are there. You have no idea.
Weakness: [Redacted because she knows where I live]
i.semenec at | 613-533-6000 ext.77839

Mark Anderson

Mark "Mr." Anderson

PhD Student
Superpower: His name is basically a meme.
Weakness: His name is basically a meme.
anderson.mark at | 613-533-6000 ext.77839

Brian Krar

Brian "All-You-Can-" Krar

MSc Candidate
Superpower: Eats several times his body weight every day.
Weakness: Driving.
brian.krar at | 613-533-6000 ext.75179