SNO+ Research Group at Queen's University

SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University
SNO+ Research Lab at Queen's University

Staff of SNO+ at Queen's

Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey

Software Developer
He wakes you up at 7am after a Remote Control Room graveyard shift.

phil at | 613-533-6000 ext.77788

Serena Riccetto

Postdoctoral Fellow
I'll think of something clever to put here eventually.

serena.riccetto at | 613-533-6000 ext.7818

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Research Associate & SNO+ Detector Manager
Can probably land a Type-9 heavy freighter... with flight assist off!

mark.ward at | 705-692-7000 ext.2850

Doug Horne

Chemical Engineer

He eats the same sandwich every day for lunch.

doug.horne at | 705-692-7000 ext.2701

Brad Hreljac


One of the few people who doesn't have to fake it when we're discussing chemistry.

brad.hreljac at | 705-692-7000 ext.2807

Andrew Stripay

Laboratory Technologist

He looks down on you upon his mighty skyjack.

andrew.stripay at | 705-692-7000 ext.3328

Chris Connors

Chris Connors

Systems Programmer

The final evolution of a summer student.

cx_connors at