About the bibliography


The bibliography contains references compiled from a range of sources, including all of those listed in the following works:

Abstracts and Notes

Some of the citations in the bibliography include an abstract or note. (These can be viewed or hidden by clicking on the "Toggle Abstracts" button.) An abstract followed by "A. & K." indicates that it is by Avis & Kinloch (1978). An abstract followed by "W.C.L." indicates that it is by Lougheed (1988). An abstract followed by "G. & McA." is by Elaine Gold and Janice McAlpine (2010).

Other citations are followed by brief notes. These have usually been included when the title does not reveal the work's relevance to Canadian English. Notes followed by "S.C." are by Sandra Clarke (2010). All other notes are by Strathy staff members.

Thank you

Thank you to Sandra Clarke for allowing us to incorporate all of the sources she compiled for her bibliography of Newfoundland and Labrador English. Thank you to the original bibliography team here at Strathy: Wayne Jones, Strathy volunteer, whose interest in the project got it off the ground; Caroline Crawford and Bonnie Hall for researching and entering the citations; and Anthony Brohan for creating the web interface.