Strathy Language Unit

Strathy Language Unit

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Staff 2019-2020

Director Anastasia Riehl  
  Ph.D. Linguistics, Cornell University  
Administrator Bonnie Hall  
  Ph.D. English, Queen's University  
Literary Interns Jet McCullough  
  M.A. student, English, Queen's University  
  Molly Stewart  
  M.A. student, English, Queen's University  
Project Team Members Andrew Dickinson  
  Ph.D. Computer Science, Queen's University  
  Ravjot Singh  
  M.A. Computer Science, Queen's University  
  David Vassos  
  B.A. student, Computer Science and Film Studies, Queen's University  

Contact Us

We are located in Kingston Hall, rooms 306 and 310, on the Queen's University campus.
613-533-2152 (B. Hall) (A. Riehl)
Mailing address:
Strathy Language Unit
Kingston Hall
103 Stuart Street
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6