Guide to Canadian English Usage, Second Edition

Fee, Margery and Janice McAlpine (2007) Guide to Canadian English Usage (2nd ed.) Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press

cover of Usage Guide, edition 2The committee invited Dr. Chen and I to attend the next meeting, or should that be Dr. Chen and me? See the entries pronouns between linked verbs and case in the newly released second edition of the Guide to Canadian English Usage, where you will also discover that Canadians use the acronym "ERT" to refer to both SWAT teams and estrogen replacement therapy; that fiddlers in Newfoundland may play the accordion; that Quebecers often use the word "coordinates" to mean "contact info"; that "enrol" may be spelled with one l or two; that those who want to legalize marijuana do not have the same goal as those who want it decriminalized; and that, for some writers, the expression "nip it in the bud" has become "nip it in the butt." The Guide to Canadian English Usage covers all the issues of punctuation, style, spelling, pronunciation, semantic drift and grammatical debate covered by any major English usage guide as well as many topics peculiar to the Canadian English context. The illustrative quotations, drawn from a database of Canadian books and periodicals, make browsing through this book a pleasure.