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Student Community Relations

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The following information and links are provided to support students looking for safe and appropriate off-campus housing in the Kingston community during the pandemic.


Your Housing Search

Given the ongoing pandemic, your housing search may be limited to on-line viewings and remote negotiations. Most leases are signed for a fixed term. That signed contract constitutes a binding agreement that cannot be cancelled if you later determine that the living space is not suitable for you, is too far from campus, or does not meet expectations.  Before you sign a lease, make sure you are confident that the space is appropriate for your needs. 

Apartment/housing search websites are helpful, but cannot and do not guarantee the quality or legitimacy of every posting.  As a tenant, you need to be vigilant to avoid being defrauded.

Queen’s University does not endorse or warrant the quality of units advertised on any rental search tool, including units posted to the Accommodations Listing Service on our Community Housing website.

In addition to the Accommodations Listing Service, the links below are provided as a convenience to start your housing search:

Other considerations

Finding a room is only part of the equation.  Before you agree to live with others, it is recommended that you negotiate clear expectations for co-living

The two most common areas of conflict in Kingston student households are:

  • no shared understanding about what “clean” means, and
  • partners or guests spending too much time in the unit. 

During COVID-19 restrictions, you will likely be spending a lot of your time in your house/apartment. To ensure you feel safe and productive in your space, take time to establish clear agreements with the people you live with about:

Like many other situations, good preparation will be key to success. 



Adam King, the Off-Campus Living Advisor, is available to provide confidential guidance on evaluating off-campus housing, tenant rights and responsibilities, and resources for moving in/out. ​