Theft Prevention

If you come home and find signs of forced entry, don’t go inside. Instead, go to a neighbour’s house and call 911. 

Points of entry

Keep windows and doors secured with adequate locks at all times, even when you are home. 

If a lock in your residence is broken, contact the landlord immediately.

Secure sliding glass doors with a safety bar, which can be placed in the door track to prevent the door from being forced open.


Keep a list of your valuable property in case anything is stolen from your house or apartment. Include the make, model, serial number and date of purchase of each item.

Porch theft is common; when ordering a package, opt to have it delivered to the post office for pick up, request a signature upon delivery, or ask a neighbour to collect it instead of front door delivery.

Keep your bicycle secured with a lock and out of sight on your property. Register your bike for free with Kingston Police, (project 529 Kingston) to improve your chances of reclaiming your bike if it is stolen.


You have the right to ask your landlord to change or re-key the locks to your unit before you move in.

Never hide an extra key under a mat, in a flowerpot, or any other easily accessible place. Instead, give your key to trusted neighbours.

Do not have anything identifying your address on your keys or keychain.