Property Standards

Kingston has a Property Standards Bylaw and a Yards Bylaw that establishes the minimum standards for building and property maintenance. Your landlord is legally obligated to meet these standards.

Property Standards Bylaw

Property Standards Bylaw PDF Document

Yard Maintenance Bylaw

Yard Standards Bylaw PDF Document

Guide to Property Standards

City of Kingston Property Standards

Report a Property Deficiency

Submit a Property Standards Complaint

While identifying and addressing property standards can be challenging, it is important to bring these issues to the attention of your landlord or property manager. If your landlord fails to address the violation within a reasonable amount of time you can report it to the City of Kingston. While Ontario's Residential Tenancy Act does not specify how long you should wait before reporting a violation, it is recommended that you give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to address the issue or take the necessary steps before reporting it.


These Bylaws cover heating, electrical, plumbing, pest prevention, graffiti, and yards. 

Unfortunately, many rental homes in Kingston are in violation of these Bylaws, which can create health and safety risks, while also decreasing energy efficiency and leading to higher utility bills.

Common violations of these bylaws include:

  • Drafts from windows

  • Windows with no locks

  • Broken exterior locks

  • Leaky faucets 

  • Broken outlets 

  • Pest infestations such as mice & rats