Waste Management

Maintaining a clean neighbourhood is essential to preventing pest infestations and avoid receiving tickets from the city. Additionally, it fosters a sense of pride among you and other residents in the community. Below is some useful information to keep in mind when it comes to managing waste, recycling, composting, and returning bottles!

Additional information on waste collection is available at cityofkingston.ca/waste.

Houses and buildings with fewer than 7 units 

  • Only put your garbage waste out on collection days, or after 5pm the night before. Putting waste out any earlier may result in a ticket. Visit cityofkingston.ca/collection or download the Kingston Waste app to find out when your collection day is. 

  • Waste must be placed at the curb by 6am on collection day. (TIP: put waste, compost and recycling out the night before to prevent missing collection pickup!).

  • Collection is limited to 1 free garbage bag, 1 green bin, and unlimited recycling (in blue/grey boxes), per unit. 

  • Bag tags, for additional garbage bags, can be purchased for $2 each at the Pharmacy in the Queen’s Centre (see the bag tag collection map on the City of Kingston’s website for other locations).

Houses and buildings with 7 + units in your building 

  • Speak with your landlord to confirm how waste is handled in your building, some may use private collection services that differ from city programs. Some smaller buildings may continue to use blue/grey boxes and garbage bags, while larger buildings will use recycling carts and dumpsters. 

  • If your building uses city recycling collection, please follow all posted signage, and use the waste lookup tool to sort your waste correctly. You can find the tool at, cityofkingston.ca/wastelookup or by downloading the Kingston Waste App.

  • It is possible that your building may not participate in the green bin program. If this is the case, please speak with your landlord before picking up a green bin.

City of Kingston Waste App

The Kingston Waste App is an excellent resource for finding information on how to properly dispose of any item and receiving waste collection reminders directly on your phone! 


  • The green bin is used to collect food waste, soiled paper, and some yard waste.  

  • By placing food waste in the green bin, you are offsetting the amount of waste sent to the landfill! 

  • Green bins are available free of charge at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre for replacement or for properties that do not already have a green bin. 

  • Kitchen containers for composting can be purchased at the Recycling Centre for $3.90, but you can use any bin to collect compost in your kitchen. 

  • Ensure that you are using proper green bin liners (look for BPI certified symbol) 

Composting info


  • Each residential unit should be provided with two blue boxes, one grey box, and one green bin (for household organics/compost) by the city. If you are missing your blue/grey bins or they are damaged, you can get new ones free of charge from the Kingston Area Recycling Centre, City Hall, or the Rideau Heights Community Centre. Inquire with your landlord about receiving new boxes if they are not provided with your unit.  

  • Blue box: clean and rinsed plastic from household kitchen containers, plain white Styrofoam, aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles and jars.   

  • Grey box: paper, paper cartons, cardboard, plastic grocery bags and produce bags (tied up into another bag). 

  • Not sure if an item is recyclable? Use the city’s waste lookup tool or on the Kingston Waste app

City of Kingston recycling info

Alcohol Bottle Returns

  • Thanks to the Ontario Deposit Return Program, The Beer Store accepts all empty wine and spirit containers sold in Ontario over 100ml. When you return your empties, they will refund you the small deposit you pay when you purchase alcohol. 

  • The Beer Store will also take back the packaging from these products including bottle caps, plastic rings, kegs, cardboard packaging, and any other packaging included with a purchase. 

  • Before returning your empties, please ensure that they are rinsed and that glass bottles are separated by colour (green, brown, clear).  

  • Look out for local bottle drives in your neighbourhood. Some bottle drives may even collect your empties from your home if you do not have transportation to The Beer Store. 

Waste Tips!

The City of Kingston has a dedicated Youtube Channel featuring videos on Garbage & Recycling Tips! Make sure to watch some videos and inform yourself about Waste Management!

City of Kingston waste youtube channel