About the Club


St. Lawrence Cottage, the original building on the Club's site was constructed in 1845 by Reverend Wm.Macaulay Herchmer, a prominent Kingston citizen. Over the next century, the original "country home" was extensively modified by successive owners. A large addition was made in 1968-69, to enhance the facilities for its new function as The Queen's University Faculty Club. Officially opened in 1969, the Club now serves over 650 members.


The University Club at Queen's provides a year-round centre for socializing and relaxation for its members and their guests. Faculty, staff and alumni are able to meet and enjoy relaxed dining in the clubs comfortable rooms.

The club provides an atmosphere which promotes intellectual and personal exchange between members from different departments, schools and centres.

Overlooking Lake Ontario, the club is located between Stuart and King Streets, at the south end of the campus.

The club itself hosts a number of events for members and their guests. Sunday brunches, luncheons, dinners and pub nights are just a few of the activities organized for club members.

Suggestions, concerns, or complaints about any aspect of the operation of the Club should be directed to the Manager.  Respectful behaviour by all is expected.  Verbal abuse or disrespectful behaviour towards other members, guests, or staff will not be tolerated.

University Club Manager, John Fisher- university.club.manager@queensu.ca

The University Club at Queen's is part of the Association of College and University Clubs (ACUC). Our members enjoy reciprocal privileges at over 100 ACUC Faculty, Staff and Alumni Clubs in Canada and the United States.

Board Of Directors

President - Myron Szewczuk -  szewczuk@queensu.ca
Vice President - Alistair MacLean - macleana@queensu.ca
Treasurer - Karen Sands - karen.sands@mnp.ca
Secretary - MaryAnn McColl - mccollm@queensu.ca
Board members at large
Ireneus Zuk - zuki@queensu.ca
Pradeep Arya - pa54@queensu.ca
Jeffrey Giacomin - giacomin@queensu.ca
David Dossett - david.dossett@gmail.com
Charles Mignault 
Doug Boyd