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About the Vice-Principal (University Relations)
Michael Fraser

[photo of Michael Fraser]
Michael Fraser, Vice-Principal (University Relations)

Michael Fraser, Vice-Principal (University Relations), joined Queen’s in May 2013 after more than 20 years of experience in the public affairs and communications field, including a variety of positions in both the federal and provincial governments. He has served as a chief of staff and senior communications advisor to federal cabinet ministers, members of parliament and a provincial premier, and has a wealth of experience in developing and executing strategic communications and issues management, stakeholder engagement and policy development. His portfolios have spanned government, public and media relations, and internal and external communications.

As VP (University Relations), Mr. Fraser oversees the Integrated Communications, Digital Strategy, and Government and Institutional Relations departments at Queen’s. This portfolio works to enhance the overall reputation of the university and supports its vision and academic mission in a variety of ways. It tells Queen’s stories through the Alumni Review and the Gazette, serves as a resource for members of the media, and strives to build Queen’s profile both nationally and internationally. The portfolio is also tasked with developing Queen’s name and reputation through the stewardship of relations with governments at all three levels, higher learning institutions, which includes a special emphasis on improving relations with the Kingston community.

Mr. Fraser is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and holds degrees in Economics from Glendon College and a Master of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto where he was also a junior fellow of Massey College. He lives in the near-campus neighbourhood with his wife Erica House (ArtSci’91) and their two daughters.