Quick Facts and Statistics

The Faculty of Arts and Science teaches courses in 32 Departments across 5 academic disciplines. Students from Applied Science, Business, Medicine and other Faculties take classes in Arts and Science departments.

In fiscal year 2014 (ending April 30, 2014) there are:

  • 10,058 Full Time undergraduate students enrolled in Arts & Science degree programs on campus, and
  • 1,499 Full Time graduate students,
  • 645 Part Time students, and
  • 10,199 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in on campus classes.

Students in A&S Degree Plans


Counts of students enrolled in degree plan programsand enrolments for the past two fiscal years for the Faculty of Arts and Science are summarized in a one page summary report for each year [5p, PDF]. - See Student Plan Counts.

Students Enrolled in A&S Courses

enrol overview



Overview of Arts & Science Course Section and Enrolments, fiscal year 2003-2013 [6p, PDF] - reports FTE course enrolments, student and section counts, % ASC students, and average section size by department, discipline and by course level. - See Enrolments



Additional Resources

PeopleSoft Queries

PS Queries (reports) are currently available to Arts and Science Departments in folder names beginning with "ASC".  Queries are being developed and refined on an ongoing basis. Documents below for Query Users and Query writers:

  • PS Student Query Workshop, February 20, 2014 - handout [PDF, 8p], also FAQ's [PDF, 7p]

Compiled by Carol Kavanaugh, Research Analyst and Process Advisor, x77170 Office of the Dean, Mackintosh-Corry Hall F300