Students in A&S Degree Plans

Headcounts are counts of students enrolled in degree plan programs.

Degree Plan and Course Enrolment Overviews
by Arts and Science Department - 2013-2014

one page summary ASC depts

Overview of Arts & Science Departments, fiscal years 2013-2014 [PDF]

Summary for each Arts and Science Department: Equivalent Full Time Faculty (EFTS), student course section counts, student counts, and Full Time On Campus undergraduate concentrator counts, and graduate student counts.

For this current academic year (terms 2139 and 2141, in fiscal year 2014 that ends April 30, 2014), the Faculty of Arts and Science has:

  • 10,058 Full Time undergraduate students enrolled in Arts & Science degree programs on campus, and
  • 1,499 Full Time graduate students,
  • 645 Part Time students, and
  • 10,199 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in on campus classes.

These values may also be validated by counts using standard PS queries.

Top 10's for 2014

  • Top undergrad class sections (56% of all A&S undergrad on campus sections) are in: Music, Lang, Lit. & Cult, History, Kines. & Hlth, English, Math & Stats, Economics, Pol. Studies, Psychology, Biology.
  • Top FTE enrolments in classes (60% of all A&S undergrad on campus enrolments) are in: Math & Stats, Psychology, Biology, Economics, History, Chemistry, Physics, Kines. & Hlth, Pol. Studies, English.
  • Top FT undergrad degree plans (65% of all FT A&S on campus undergrads) are in: yr1 (no conc'n), Psychology, Life Science, Kines. & Hlth, History, Pol. Studies, Biology, Economics, English, Sociology.
  • Top FT graduate students (63% of all FT A&S on campus grad students are in: Computing, Chemistry, Economics, History, Psychology, Physics, Kines. & Hlth, Biology, English, Cultural Studies.

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