Student Exceptions

A Student Exception is a modification made to a student’s Program and/or Plan requirements due to special circumstances.  There are three common situations in which an exception will be required:

Plan Substitution:  special circumstances sometimes require a course from another discipline to be substituted for one that is found in the published Plan requirements. Students should consult their home department.  If the department agrees to a course substitution, they will complete a Plan Substitution request form that will be signed by the Undergraduate Chair and the student.  This will be forwarded to Student Services for posting to the Advisement Report.

Shared Plans (Major/Minor or Medials):  when Plans are shared, courses in the Core and Options requirements of one Plan cannot be used towards the Core and Option requirements of the other.  If a course appears in both Plans, an appropriate substitution will be posted.  Supporting Courses that appear in both Plans can be used towards the requirements of both.  In this case, one of the Supporting Course requirements will be waived.  Exceptions due to shared Plans will be updated in June of each year, following the Plan Selection process.

Transfer Students:  Students who transfer between Degree Programs may find their requirements change.  Most transfers are managed automatically by the Academic Advisement tool, as explained under Students Who Transferred Programs.  An important exception is students who transfer from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.  If you transferred on or after September 1, 2011, we will amend your advisement report, so it should read properly.  However, if you later change Plans, or if you transferred before September 1, 2011, the exceptions will have to be re-entered.