Applied Science Transfers

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science uses a different unit weighting system than the Faculty of Arts and Science.  For this reason, virtually all Applied Science courses have been deliberately excluded from the Arts and Science part of the Academic Advisement Report (AAR).  If you have transferred from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to the Faculty of Arts and Science before September 1, 2011 many of your courses may not be counted.  In this case, please consult your original letter sent by Undergraduate Admissions when you transferred to Arts and Science to see which courses have been transferred, and how they are being counted towards your degree in Arts and Science.  You may also request to have a student exception made to your AAR to fix the problem.  If you transferred on or after September 1, 2011, we will amend your AAR, so it should report properly.  However, if you later change Plans, it may once again need to be fixed and you may again need to request a student exception.