General Degrees in Arts and Science

A General degree consists of a combination of courses in one Plan, plus supporting courses and electives, as outlined in the following table. It will normally take three years to complete. Most courses in Arts and Science count towards either 3 (one term) or 6 (two term) units in a degree program. The typical load is five courses, or 15 units, in each term of study.

Each Plan is of a specific type, as described below. The Plan type determines the degree that you receive. Only a General Plan is available in a three-year degree. To review the range of Plans available in Arts and Science, follow this link.

Degree Plan Type and Units Required Supporting and Electives Total
Bachelor of Arts
General a, 30 60 90
Bachelor of Science
General s, 36 54 90*
Bachelor of Computing
General c, 36 54 90*
Bachelor of Fine Art
 General  f,54 36  90
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
General h, 54 36 90

* The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Computing degrees require that at least 48 of the 90 units consist of courses in the natural and physical sciences or mathematics.

General Plan Types

a – Arts
s – Science
c – Computing
h – Physical and Health Education