What is my GPA?

Your cumulative GPA will be used to determine your Academic Standing and to determine your eligibility for admission to a Plan following your first year.

Warning: The calculators will provide only an estimate of the grades required.

There are two types of calculators available:

  1. I want a certain GPA – what grades do I need to get? will ask for the GPA you want to achieve and then tell you the average grade you need on courses that are planned or in progress.
  2. I can guess my future grades – what will my GPA be? will estimate your future GPA using your predictions on what grades you will get on courses that are planned or in progress.

In order to use the new calculators, you will first need to find your GPA. Your cumulative GPA and number of Graded Units may be found on SOLUS by going to “Other Academic” > “Grades”. You should see a screen that looks like this:

Screenshot fro SOLUS