Assessing the Impact of Exam Disruption on Students' Grades

Scenarios Options for Instructors
Disruption occurs in only one building, but you have students writing in multiple buildings. When posting instructions, keep in mind that instructions apply only to the students whose exams were disrupted and do not apply to students who wrote the exam without disruption.
Before resuming exam, students may have accessed texts, notes or talked with other students while waiting outside exam hall.


Exam is abandoned as a result of a real emergency.

i.Use exam results as set out in existing marking scheme.

ii. Provide alternative marking scheme for whom the timing of the disruption worked against them.

iii.Re-schedule exam for later in the exam period with an alternate exam paper (make request through the departmental exam liaison staff). Note that there will be students who cannot write at the new time and will need a deferred exam for which the instructor is responsible for arranging and administering.

iv. Schedule an optional exam early in next term.

Post instructions for the affected students to Departmental Website.