Dr. Hugh Horton

Associate Dean (Studies)
Student Services, F200 Mackintosh-Corry Hall
(613) 533-2470
Telephone Extension: 
(613) 533-2467

Associate Dean (Studies) Dr. Hugh Horton holds a BSc from York University and a PhD from the University of Cambridge where he was a Commonwealth Scholar. He has taught in the Department of Chemistry at Queen's since 1997.

Dr. Horton's research is in the field of surface chemistry, where his research group's main focus is an exploration of the forces controlling the interaction of small molecules with surfaces. He and his students have worked on developing new scanning probe microscope techniques for the measurement of nanoscale forces with application to understanding the interactions that take place when purifying mixtures of compounds, the partitioning of trace nutrients in the environment and the interactions that underlie the detection of biomolecules.