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Please make sure that you fill out the appropriate form with your payment.  Please contact the Faculty Office at 613-533-2470 in person or by phone to make a request for a letter.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting an Academic Appeal to the Associate Dean (Studies), please do not use this payment option. You will pay using the new payment option linked to the Online Appeal Submission Form.

1.    Add or Drop a Course

       Academic Change Form [PDF]

2.    Program or Plan Change

       Academic Change Form [PDF]

3.    Request to Associate Deans (Studies) to review an academic decision **NEW PROCESS**

       Online Appeal Submission Form *NEW*
       Student Guideline to Appeals

4.    Return to Studies for students not registered in the preceding term or post-degree students

        Return to Studies Form [PDF]

5.    Statement Letters

       Statement Letters [PDF]

6.    Take a course at another Canadian University

       Letter of Permission (Domestic) [PDF]

7.    Take a course at a non-Canadian University

       Letter of Permission (International) [PDF]

8.    Registration Form

       Registration Form [PDF]

9.    Request for a graduate student to take undergraduate courses

       Graduate Student Registration Form [PDF]

10.   Medical certificate from an off-campus doctor

        Off-campus Physician's Note [PDF]

11.   Request to audit a course

        Auditing a Course [PDF]

12.   Extra time Form for exchange students whose first language is NOT         English

        Extra Time for Final Exams Form [PDF]

13.    Verification of Enrolment Form SOLUS Process

        See the Office of the University Registrar

14.    Request to review a decision regarding academic integrity

       Appeal of a Departure from Academic Integrity [PDF]
       What to expect at the Academic Integrity and Conduct Panel

15.    Request to Board of Studies to review an academic decision

       Appeal to Board of Studies [PDF]
       What to Expect at the Board of Studies: Tips for Students

16.    Self-Reporting Declaration of Illness Form

       Declaration of Illness Form