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Internal Transfers

Applicants who wish to transfer to the Faculty of Arts and Science from another Faculty, School or Distance Studies at Queen’s University may apply to transfer as Internal Transfer students for 2014-15. Transfer students must meet the admission requirements for the Faculty and specific departmental criteria, however, meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.  Since there are limited spaces, we encourage you to apply early.

How it works

Queen’s students from other Faculties, Schools or Distance Studies must apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) for admission to on-campus study in the Faculty of Arts and Science. See Undergraduate Admission for more details.

A student’s previous academic record from another Faculty, School or Distance Studies at Queen’s continues to be relevant in assessing his or her admission to, and performance in, the Faculty of Arts and Science. In particular, the cumulative GPA will be calculated on all courses attempted during the student’s Undergraduate Career at Queen’s and will be utilized when assessing admission, academic progression, prerequisites and any other purpose specified under the Academic Regulations. Should an applicant have completed 132.0 or more units at the point of admission or subsequently complete 132.0 or more units and have a GPA of less than 1.90, they shall be deemed ineligible to proceed to an honours degree, and will be restricted to General Degree only.

What's possible?

Students may apply to transfer to honours degree Plans through OUAC. To apply for a 3-year degree Plan, please contact the Faculty Office.

Due to enrollment pressure, not all Faculty of Arts and Science departments are able to accommodate upper-year internal transfer students. Please note that some degree Plan's admission averages and departmental requirements are higher than the minimums stated by the Faculty.  Note that once admitted, upper-year Internal Transfer students will not be permitted to transfer in subsequent years into a degree Plan that was closed to internal transfer students at the time of admission or that closes subsequently. 


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