Information about courses taught by Dr. Stroman

Neuroscience 803 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This is a graduate level course and will normally be offered each September - December term.

This course is again offered this fall term (Sept-Dec 2022) and will return to being in-person.

Lectures will be 2 days/week each 1.5 hours long, and will be Tuesdays/Thursdays 10:30-12:00 in Bracken Library room 124. (Note that the time has changed by 1/2 hour from a previous posting, in order to avoid a conflict with another course.) The lectures will be supplemented by the course text book "Essentials of Functional MRI". The course text is being transitioned to open-source by the publisher, and should be available electronically (at no cost) in time for the fall term. One copy of the course text is available in Bracken Library.

At the end of the term students will do a term project which consists of designing an MRI acquisition protocol. If possible (MRI schedule permitting), the project results will used to acquire images of a human volunteer during one session in the MRI Facility. 

Registering in the course requires permission from the instructor. (email for permission) This is so that I can determine the range of background training spanned by the students taking the course, and can adjust lectures accordingly.

The course outline for 2022 is available below.


Neuroscience 403 - Introduction to Neuroimaging

This is the 6th year this course has been offered (winter 2023) and will normally be offered each January-April term.

This course will again be offered Jan-April 2023, and will be delivered in-person. Lectures will be recorded and posted on OnQ. Course materials in the form of recorded lectures that were developed for the 2021 term will also be available to supplement the lectures. 

Lectures will cover basic concepts, theory, and applications, of neuroimaging methods, with a focus on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), for research, and for clinical use.
At the end of the term students will do a term project which consists of examining/critiquing a current application of neuroimaging.


For more information:

Contact Dr. Patrick Stroman by email at if you want more information about the courses described above.


Text book on MRI:

cover photo of the course text book "Essentials of Functional MRI" by P. StromanTextbook on MRI fundamentals, theory, and fMRI theory and applications, used for NSCI 803, and as a reference for NSCI 403.

Essentials of Functional MRI, Taylor and Francis Group, June 2011

Written by P. Stroman

A copy is available in Bracken Library, Queen's University