Lab Members

Current Graduate Student Members of the Stroman Lab


 Shima Hassanpour, PhD student

   Research Topic: Investigating altered descending pain regulation in Fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) and the link to altered autonomic regulation 





Hhumorous picture in place of unavailable picture of lab memberannan Algitami, MSc student

Research Topic: The emotional influence on pain regulation


(picture coming soon)


Recently Graduated Members of the Stroman Lab

Photo of Gabriela IoachimGabriela Ioachim, PhD 

Research Topic: Coordinated functional networks across the CNS in fibromyalgia syndrome

Congratulations to Gabriela for completing her PhD in January 2022!




Photo of Jocelyn PowersJocelyn Powers, Ph.D.

Research Topic: The role of the amygdala on descending pain regulation via the brainstem

Congratulations to Jocelyn for completing her PhD in July 2022!





HPicture of Howie Warren presenting a poster at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2019owie Warren, M.Sc. 

Research Topic: Altered pain processing in Fibromyalgia Syndrome

(M.Sc. completed in 2021)



Photo of Marie Curie in place of photo of Kaitlin McNeil (photo not available)Kaitlin McNeil, M.Sc. 

Royal Military College of Canada, co-supervised by Dr. Sarah Creber

Research Topic:  Development of advanced fMRI analysis methods for pain research

(M.Sc. completed in 2021, and no picture from her either)




Photo of Marie Curie in place of photo of Elena Koning (photo not available)Elena Koning, M.Sc.

Research Topic: Investigation of the continuous component of pain regulation in fibromyalgia syndrome

(M.Sc. completed in 2021, and I am giving up on asking students for pictures for the web site)