FIPPA Contact List

Members of the Queen's community with access and privacy questions should, in the first instance, contact their FIPPA Contact.

FIPPA Contact List.pdf

Area of Responsibility Contact Name Email Extension
Principal's Office Heather Cole 75972
  Christine Berga 74018
University Secretariat Chelsea Cusack 77927
University Ombudsperson Lavonne Hood Lavonne Hood 36495
VP Research Margo Langford 74578
VP Advancement Corrine Beckner 78047
Advancement Services Cheyenne Litt n/a
VP University Relations Mark Erdman 79173
Provost and VP Academic Lori Stewart
Lauren Sharpe
Faculty Relations Allana Balesdent 79532
Archives Shan Jin 32378
Registrar's Office Tracy Al-idrissi 77373
Admissions & Student Recruitment Chris Coupland 77577
Libraries Nancy Petri 32518
Engineering & Applied Science--Faculty Christa Camirand 78963
Engineering & Applied Science--Students Stacy Shane 74093
Arts & Science--Faculty Lisa Neumann 74722
Arts & Science--Academic Units Libby Hearn 74947
Business Harry Smith 33132
Graduate Studies Monica Corbett 36100
Education Jamie Kincaid 77248
Nursing Allison Mackey 32669
Medicine Troy Jones n/a
Rehabilitation Therapy Sandra Turcotte 36726
Institutional Research & Planning Jodi Magee 75304
Law Deanna Morash 77735
School of Policy Studies Gail MacAllister 36085
Student Affairs Ellie Sadinsky 77454
Housing and Ancillary Services Sue Hutchinson 32365
Athletics & Recreation Linda Melnick  77345
Student Wellness Services Fatima Couto  75165
Career Services Bethany Stinson 74043
Planning & Budgeting Nadia Jagar 79072
International Heather Kincaide 79124
VP Human Resources Lisa Walsh 78970
Equity and Human Rights Lavie Williams 77581
Sexual Violence Barb Lotan 78958
VP Finance & Administration Oonagh Maley 75520
Procurement Andy Green 32175
Internal Audit Michael Brown 79668
Financial Services Kim Chan 79446
Information Technology Services Kelly Alisauskas 36424
Physical Plant Services Tracy Elliott 36827
Environmental Health and Safety Dan Langham 74980
Security Todd Zimmerman 78698
Risk and Safety Bryan McGann 74322