Tricolour Giving

What is Tricolour Giving?

Tricolour Giving is an annual fundraising initiative that aims to provide support for students of Queen’s, while advancing the spirit of philanthropy in students.

QSAA’s Tricolour Giving Mission?

Educate about the impact of philanthropy.

Inspire the incredible potential of Queen’s and our students.

Foster the next generation of Queen's philanthropists. 

QSAA’s Annual Tricolour Giving Project  

The QSAA Tricolour Giving initiative aims at involving Queen’s students in the positive act of philanthropy by providing support to a fund on campus that directly benefits students in need. The QSAA team chooses a fund on campus that is in need of support every year and raises funds throughout the year to raise enough for a gift. 

Inspiring student philanthropy is an important part of QSAA, because QSAA recognizes the significant contributions that alumni make to the Queen’s community through their volunteerism and financial support. QSAA aims to build a greater understanding of alumni giving in students in order to prepare them for their futures as engaged alumni. 

The QSAA '19/20 Tricolour Giving Initiative is supporting the Student for Students (SFS) campaign which focuses on providing financial support to students that have been impacted by OSAP cuts through a General Bursary Fund. 

Past initiatives chosen for the Tricolour Giving Gift have been the Ban Righ Centre,  Student Wellness Center, the Sexual Health and Resource Center, the AMS Food Bank, and the Peer Support Center.

Our Commitment

We aim for 100 percent participation from our team every year. We successfully have achieved this goal in the last few years. This included matching gifts from generous alumni. 

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For inquiries or more information, contact:

Gage Benyon, VP Giving
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 77520