About QSAA

Queen's Student Alumni Association (QSAA) is made up of a diverse group of individuals, from all faculties that work to deliver a series of events and initiatives that enriches the student to alumni experience.

QSAA mission

Queen's Student Alumni Association (QSAA) is a student-run organization that prepares Queen’s students for success by connecting them to their futures as engaged Queen's alumni. QSAA’s events offer students opportunities to hear, network, and connect with Queen’s alumni, and provide them with outside-the-classroom skill development.

Founded in 1986, STAR (The Queen’s Student Team on Alumni Relations), was the first student-run organization that promoted student-alumni engagement at Queen’s. In September of 2008, STAR was restructured as the Queen’s Student Alumni Association (QSAA) to better transition students into members of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA).

Working out of Summerhill, our volunteer student ambassadors work alongside the Department of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving and the Queen's University Alumni Association (QUAA) Board.

The QSAA Volunteer of Distinction Award was introduced in 2009 to honour outstanding volunteers of the Queen's Student Alumni Association. Award recipients are honoured at the prestigious annual Queen's University Alumni Association Alumni Awards Gala.

Congratulations to the 2021 Award Recipient - Alyssa Martschenko, Artsci'21

Alyssa Martschenko, Artsci`21, has completed her second year with QSAA and has achieved exceptional levels of brand awareness and engagement. She was the driving force behind the Alumni and local business highlight project and creating visually engaging online educational and awareness content with the help of her team that has established a strong and consistent brand identity. Alyssa’s involvement beyond QSAA has also allowed exceptional reach and influence with the Queen’s community through StudioQ, Queen's University Ukrainian Students' Association, the Alma Mater Society and Queen's Project on International Development. 

See past recipients of the QSAA Volunteer of Distinction Award

QSAA Director Positions

Our Ambassadors help deliver events, network with successful alumni, attend exclusive Alumni Association events, have tea with the Principal, and meet students from different years and faculties.

In addition to the ambassador team, each year the QSAA President application is posted in January. The paid President role is responsible for hiring and leading the Director and Ambassador volunteer team, as well as establishing the vision, management, and delivery of all QSAA programming and communications. The President is support by a volunteer Executive Board. 

Director of Volunteers

This role is responsible for ensuring a positive volunteer experience amongst the ambassadors by facilitating team training, meetings, and socials.

Director of Giving

This role oversees philanthropic education including the Tricolor Giving Initiative and Philanthropy Day.

Director of Marketing & Communications

This role manages all internal and external communication, through social media and physical marketing on campus.

Director of Student Transition

This role oversees programming that help prepare students for success beyond graduation, including the Backpack to Briefcase and Alumni Speaker events.

QSAA team works to foster connections between Queen’s students and Queen’s alumni. As a QSAA volunteer, you will encounter unique and exciting opportunities to connect students with alumni, help prepare students for their future after graduation, develop leadership and professional development experience, and gain a deeper knowledge of the Queen’s community. 

QSAA Volunteer Positions

First-Year Intern 

First-Year Interns are responsible for working with a portfolio to implement the tasks and special projects of the given portfolio. As a collective, the First-Year Intern Council is responsible for creating, overseeing, and implementing a year-end event.  

 First-Year Intern Position Description (PDF, 331 KB)


As an Ambassador, you'll help connect students to their alumni network by focusing on a specific portfolio and topic of interest. You'll help launch special projects and assist the QSAA Leadership Team promote events, philanthropic giving, and act as a student leader on campus. 

Ambassador Roles:
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity (EDII) Ambassador oversees and assists in implementing the QSAA’s first Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio. You will curate trainings and promote the EDII and Accessibility Certificate, as well as work with the broader volunteers team to host socials and full team meetings.

EDII Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 396 KB)

  • Giving Ambassador will assist the Giving team in raising student awareness of our Tricolour Giving Initiative and promoting the chosen fund(s) of the Tricolour Giving Initiative. 

Giving Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 367 KB)

  • Human Resources Ambassador works to standardize all QSAA procedure and policy including all strategic planning and logistical processes for hiring, events, marketing, etc. Work with the broader volunteers team to host socials and full team meetings.

Human Resources Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 339 KB)

  • Marketing and Communications Ambassador assists the Marcom team in curating promotional content for all QSAA events, projects, and special initiatives. Content includes posts, stories, IGTV Videos, interactive graphics, and more.

Marketing and Communications Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 364 KB)

  • Mentorship Ambassador assists the Mentorship team in curating and implementing the QSAA’s first Mentorship Pilot Program including contacting alumni mentors and student mentees, facilitating interactive activities of the Mentorship check-ins and social events, and assisting Mentorship pairings where applicable.

Mentorship Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 333 KB)

  • Stewardship Ambassador assists the Student Transition team in hosting the QSAA’s Philanthropic Alumni-Speaker Event, oversee the implementation of Donor Thank You videos and develop the Philanthropic Analytic Report. This is a higher-volume Ambassador Role.

Stewardship Ambassador Position Description (PDF, 428 KB)

  • Student Transition Ambassador assists the Student Transition team in hosting our Alumni-Speaker Events, Backpack to Briefcase Workshops, and QYourFuture events held in junction with Career Services providing students with tangible skill-building opportunities.

Student Transition Position Description (PDF, 378 KB)

Graduate Representative

As a Graduate Representative, you are responsible for acting as the liaison between School of Graduate Studies and QSAA. You'll help communicate and market events, and provide recommendations on QSAA portfolio projects. You'll mentor and provide guidance to QSAA students.

Graduate Representative Position Description (PDF, 243 KB)