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The Ban Righ Centre assists women-identified students of all ages, especially those who are returning to university after a time away to continue formal or informal education.

The Centre is located on campus and is a hub of campus life for mature women students and mothers from diverse backgrounds, through which they can become part of a community of peers. 

  • Offers student advising, financial assistance, practical and personal support
  • Promotes university resources (intellectual, scholastic, cultural, recreational)
  • Facilitates the participation of women in campus functions
  • Advocates on behalf of mature women students and student mothers
  • Brings staff, faculty, and students together in an environment which encourages mutuality and equality
  • Provides a continuing education program of speakers and visiting scholars open to the broader community

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The Ban Righ Centre is open with limited in-person activities, 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday. 


The images seen on the site are from pre-COVID events and day-to-day life at the Centre. They speak to the strong community that exists at Ban Righ, and now through various digital channels.  

This just might become your favourite place.



Our Commitment to Inclusivity

The Ban Righ Foundation is committed to fostering a culture of mutuality and equality.

Our commitment to inclusivity