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Inspiring Women Awards

Inspiring Women

The Ban Righ Foundation Inspiring Women Awards were created to celebrate the contributions of women, not simply their success in the commercial world, but looking at women who inspire and support others. We acknowledge the outstanding achievements of women through the distribution of two annual awards, one for a woman who shines as a community leader and one for a woman faculty member who inspires students through mentoring.

Mentorship Award

Recognizes a current or retired Queen’s faculty member who identifies as a woman, and who demonstrates mentorship and knowledge sharing.  She supports women students in achieving their goals and has been inspirational to a student or students.

Leadership Award

Recognizes a Kingston community member who identifies as a woman, and who has been an inspiration in the community.  Her leadership builds capacity and fosters opportunities for others.


2021-22 Inspiring Women

We have received the nominations and they have been sent to the selection committee. Stay tuned to find out who the winners are.


Call for NominationsIW Call for Nom poster

Have you been inspired by a Faculty Mentor or a Community Member?

The Ban Righ foundation is seeking nominations for two awards:

  • Ban Righ Foundation Mentorship Award
  • Ban Righ Foundation Leadership Award


Nomination forms are available to download, or by contacting

 Deadline to submit nominations is 3pm Friday November 19, 2021

 IW Nomination Form 2021-22 FINAL (Word 128kb)



 Awards will be presented in a pre recorded online ceremony - March 8, 2022

Past Winners


Leadership Award

Georgette Fry

Susan Belyea

Mara Shaw

Georgina Riel

Terri Lynn Brennan







Mentorship Award

Katherine McKittrick

Karla McGrath

Kim Renders

Louise Rang

Burçu Baba

Beverley Mullings