Centre for International and Defence Policy

Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

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The CIDP is one of Canada’s most active research centres on international security and defence policy issues. Located in the School of Policy Studies, we are committed to contributing to informed public discussion of issues in military affairs and alliances, international security, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.  Our rich and diverse team of fellows, drawn from Kingston’s two universities and beyond, include active military Visiting Defence Fellows from NATO allied forces. See more about the Centre. 

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Introducing the Network for Strategic Analysis

The CIDP is pleased to announce the launch of the Network for Strategic Analysis (NSA), as a part of the Department for National Defence’s Mobilization Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) programme. This network aims to mobilize innovative research in the field of defence and security and disseminate strategic analysis to the government of Canada, partner organizations, and the general public. In doing so, the network will address three main strategic challenges for Canada: the evolving role of great powers in an uncertain world order; multilateral security cooperation and the role of international organizations; and the future of defence capacity-building activities with global partners.

  Network for Strategic Analysis (NSA)  

Our watchwords are: responsiveness and creativity.  Incubator of Canadian and global expertise on geostrategic events, we offer in-depth, real-time analyses of a turbulent world while developing the next generation of experts. Our work focuses primarily on the competition between great powers, multilateral defence cooperation, and the future of capacity building.

Mobilize Knowledge. Train the Next Generation.

Création du Réseau d’analyse stratégique

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer le lancement du Réseau d’analyse stratégique (RAS), dans le cadre du programme MINDS (mobilisation des idées nouvelles en matière de défense et de sécurité). Ce réseau vise à mobiliser des recherches innovantes dans le domaine de la défense et de la sécurité et à diffuser l'analyse stratégique auprès du gouvernement du Canada, des organisations partenaires et du grand public. Ce faisant, le réseau relèvera trois principaux défis stratégiques pour le Canada: l'évolution du rôle des grandes puissances dans un ordre mondial incertain; la coopération multilatérale en matière de sécurité et le rôle des organisations internationales; et l'avenir des activités de renforcement des capacités de défense avec des partenaires mondiaux.

  Réseau d’analyse stratégique (RAS)  

Nos mots d'order sont : réactivité et créativité. Incubateur de l'expertise canadienne et mondiale sur l'actualité géostratégique, nous offrons en temps réel des analyses approfondies sur un monde en turbulence et développons la prochaine génération d'experts. Nos travaux se concentrent principalement sur la compétition entre grandes puissances, la coopération multilatérale en matière de défense, et l'avenir du renforcement des capacités.

Mobiliser le savoir. Former la relève.

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Old Song, New Verse: Modernity, Obsolescence, and Conventional Warfare

By Anne Runciman

It would be uncontroversial to say that the nature of warfare has shifted drastically since the end of the Second World War. Warfare, once so heavily associated with physical combat on air, land, and sea, has since expanded into a number of different fields, notably information and cyberspace. The advent of technological advancements has had a number of impacts on warfare. While the effectiveness of cyber attacks has been disputed, the use of such devices has altered nature of military conflict in recent years...

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