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Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

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The CIDP is one of Canada’s most active research centres on international security and defence policy issues. Located in the School of Policy Studies, we are committed to contributing to informed public discussion of issues in military affairs and alliances, international security, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.  Our rich and diverse team of fellows, drawn from Kingston’s two universities and beyond, include active military Visiting Defence Fellows from NATO allied forces. For more on the Centre...

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We are being hacked!
We are plugged in - we opened the door
We need to wake up!

The misinformation or ‘fake news’ that inundated the United States during the 2016 Presidential election is close to the mark of what we can expect in Canada come the Fall of 2019. Our Minister for Democratic Institutions warned as much this past month in Ottawa. And while the government is taking notice and taking action, we also all have a role to play in dealing with these vulnerabilities.  Put bluntly, part of the vulnerability is you. It is me. It is any of us who spend any time on an internet enabled device.

H. Christian Breede, CIDP


Cold War 2.0: A War of Rules, Maxim Starchak [Mar2019]

The Case for Restoring Relations with Iran, Ryan Anderson [Jan2019]

The Gender Dimension of Veteran Transition, Meaghan Shoemaker and Stéfanie von Hlatky [Dec2018]

Radicalization in Mali: A Primer, Robert Martyn [Nov2018]

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