Elizabeth Baisley

Elizabeth Baisley

Assistant Professor

Political Studies

Queen's University

Elizabeth Baisley (PhD Princeton) is an Assistant Professor of Political Studies at Queen’s University.  Both their teaching and research focus on Canadian politics.  Broadly speaking, Elizabeth’s research examines questions of Canadian political development in comparative-historical perspective.  This research considers how history, institutions, and identity interact to explain large-scale political change.  Their ongoing work foregrounds the role of political organizations, especially political parties, interest groups, and social movements.  This work uses both qualitative and quantitative materials.

Elizabeth’s current book project examines party position change on sexuality politics in the US and Canada.  It focuses especially on interest group involvement in federal party nominations, leadership races, and party policy conventions.  This project draws on restricted materials from private archives, interviews, newspapers, surveys, roll call voting records, party platforms, and observations from attending political events.