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Extremism, Polarization, and the Future of Democracy

Extremism, Polarization, and the Future of Democracy

Podcast coming soon in 2023...

We are living in a time of great political turbulence. Globally, democratic norms and institutions are eroding, populist movements are amassing impressive momentum, and politics at every level are increasingly hostile to charity and nuance. In particular, the way in which public discourse has both sharpened and tended towards extremity is difficult to ignore.

This podcast takes an inside look at contemporary extremism and polarization with the help of academics, experts, and filmmakers, using questions submitted by Political Studies undergraduate students as part of a third-year course on extremism and polarization.

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Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation Podcast

This podcast presents all six live panel presentations delivered at the Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation workshop at Queen’s University in September of 2019.

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The Land Rights podcast is produced and narrated by Samantha Twietmeyer, Queen's University.

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Series


For several years, the former Centre posted audio files of occasional lectures and visitor talks on iTunesU.

For a list of the archived audio files, visit https://archive.org/details/podcast_ethnicity-democratic-governa_428960343