Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Recent Publications


Our Fellows and Junior Scholars are frequently published across many major journals and invited to submit chapters to edited volumes which represent a  wide variety of fields. Journals include Ethnic and Racial Studies, European Political Science Review, Nations and Nationalism, Journal of Political Philosophy,

A selection of recent journal articles and book chapters by Fellows of the Centre can be found, listed by author, below.


Albaugh, Quinn M. Forthcoming. “Gatekeeping by Central and Local Party Actors: Theory and Evidence from a Feild Study of New Brunswick Nominations, 2017-2018.” Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Everitt, Joanna and Quinn M. Albaugh. 2022. The Origins of Gender-Targeted Public Finance Measures: The Case of New Brunswick, Canada." European Journal of Politics and Gender 5(1): 127-144.

Banting, K., & Mcewen, N. (2017). Inequality, Redistribution and Decentralization in Canada and the United Kingdom. Constitutional Politics and the Territorial Question in Canada and the United Kingdom, 105-133. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-58074-6_5

Soroka, S., Wright, M., Johnston, R., Citrin, J., Banting, K., & Kymlicka, W. (2017). Ethnoreligious Identity, Immigration, and Redistribution. Journal of Experimental Political Science, 4(03), 173-182. doi:10.1017/xps.2017.13

Soroka, S., Wright, M., Johnston, R., Citrin, J., Banting, K., & Kymlicka, W. (2017). Ethnoreligious Identity, Immigration, and Redistribution. Journal of Experimental Political Science, 4(03), 173-182. doi:10.1017/xps.2017.13

Banting, Keith, Stuart Soroka, Richard Johnston, Anthony Kevins, and Will Kymlicka (2016) “Migration and welfare state spending” European Political Science Review 8(2): 173-194.

Banting, Keith and John Myles (2016) “Framing the New Inequality: the Politics of Income Redistribution in Canada” In David Green, Craig Riddell and France St.-Hilaire, eds. Income Inequality: The Canadian Story (Montreal:  Institute for Research on Public Policy): 509-536.

Banting, Keith (2015) “Migration, Diversity and the Welfare State”, entry in Frank D. Bean and Susan K. Brown, eds., Encyclopedia of Migration (Amsterdam: Springer ): 1-8.

Berman, Bruce ed. (2009) “Ethnic Politics and the Making and Unmaking of Constitutions in Africa” Special Issue of Canadian Journal of African Studies Volume 43 Issue 3.

Chapters in books

“Cooperative Federalism and Managing Intergovernmental Relations through the Pandemic: Setting the Framework” in Kathy Brock and Geoffrey Hale, Managing Canadian Federalism through the Pandemic (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming 2022).

With Andrea Migone, Protests, Diversity and Differences that Matter… For Some,” in David Thomas and Christopher Sands eds., Canada and the US: Differences that Matter (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, Forthcoming 2022). Status: Peer Reviewed and Revised draft submitted, December 2021.


Academic Journal Articles and Invited Commentaries

“Policy Labs, Partners and Policy Effectiveness in Canada,” Policy Design and Practice, 4:2, 228-241, DOI: 10.1080/25741292.2021.1880063

Migone, A.R., McGregor, M., Brock, K.L., & Howlett, M. 2022. “Super-Users and Hyper-Experts in the Provision of Policy Advice: Evidence from a Survey of Canadian Academics.” European Policy Analysis. First published online 28 February 2022 at

Brock, Kathy L. & Shepherd, Robert P. 2022. “The Trudeau Government and GIC Appointments in Canada.” International Journal of Public Sector Management (IJPSM-07-2021-0182.R2). First published online 7 January. ISSN: 0951-3558.

Review of Royal Progress: Canada’s Monarchy in the Age of Disruption. D. Michael Jackson, ed. (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2020).Published in Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, Volume 15 (2021), pp. 455-458.

With Lori Turnbull, “Balancing Accountability and Action during COVID-19: how the Emergencies Act provided a model for an empowered Parliament.” Canadian Public Administration 63:3 (September 2020), pp. 350-356. Invited Commentary.

With Jean-François Savard, Isabelle Caron and Robert Shepherd, “Teaching Public Administration in the COVID-19 Era: Preliminary Lessons Learned.” Canadian Public Administration 63:3 (September 2020), pp. 528-33. Invited Commentary.

“Government and Non-profit Collaboration in Times of Deliverology, Policy Innovation Laboratories and Hubs, and New Public Governance.” Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. 31:2 (2020), pp. 257-270. Previously published online 2019: DOI: 10.1007/s11266-019-00145-0.

Reports to Governments, SSHRC, Other Organizations


Kathy Brock. “Improving Relations between the Public Sector and Parliament: Moving Forward.” Final Report to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-Canada School of Public Service-Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration Dialogue Study Teams, Government-Parliamentary Accountability Sub-Theme Group, June 29, 2021.

With Geneviève Tellier, “Public Sector and Parliamentary Accountability: Learning from COVID-19.” A Report to the Canada School of Public Service-Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration Dialogue Study Teams, Government-Parliamentary Accountability Sub-Theme Group, April 2021

Lead author and editor on the School of Policy Studies Working Group on Governance, “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Governance in Canada: A White Paper.” A collection of eight papers written by Queen’s scholars. 100 pp. My authored contributions: with Graeme Murray, “Introduction: A Results-Based Synopsis”; Brock, “The Perils of Reduced Parliamentary Scrutiny”, with Lori Turnbull, “Multiparty Agreements and A Better Model for Parliament during Crises”.

Chouinard, Stéphanie and Emmanuelle Richez, 2022, « The Tension between Freedom of Expression and Language Rights in Canada : The Ford and Devine Legacy after Thirty Years”, in Emmett Macfarlane (ed.), Dilemmas of Free Expression, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 203-221.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2021, “The Principle of Minority Protection and Language Rights in Canada: The Secession Reference’s Legacy”, Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, vol. 15, 181-209.

Chouinard, Stéphanie and Kelly Gordon, 2021, « De l’hostilité ouverte au ‘gros bon sens’ : populisme de droite et antibilinguisme au Nouveau-Brunswick, 1980-2020 », in Frédéric Boily (ed), Les droites provinciales en évolution, 2015-2020 : Conservatisme, populisme et radicalisme, Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval, 67-82.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, and Martin Normand, 2020, “Talk COVID to Me: Language Rights and the Government Responses to the Pandemic”, Canadian Journal of Political Science (special COVID-19 edition).

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2020, « L’étude des petites nations par la lunette juridique: un exercice périlleux », in Joseph Yvon Thériault and Jean-François Laniel (eds.), Petites nations. Culture, politique et universalité, Paris : Classiques Garnier, 163-176.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2020, “Reconciling Diversities: Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in the Canadian Armed Forces”, in Rupinder Mangat, Bessma Momani and Allistair Edgar (eds.), Strengthening the Canadian Forces Through Diversity, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 101-113.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2017, "Section 23 of the Charter and official-language minority instruction in Canada: The judiciary’s impact and limits in education policymaking", in : Emmett Macfarlane (ed.), The Policy Impact of the Supreme Court of Canada (forthcoming).

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2017, "Les tribunaux, lieu de pouvoir contre-majoritaire? Les minorités face au droit", in : Karim Benyekhlef, Catherine Régis, and Daniel Weinstock (eds.), Sauvons la justice, Montréal : Del Busso (forthcoming).

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2016, “Stateless Nations in a World of Nation States”, in: Karl Cordell and Stefan Wolff (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Ethnic Conflict, 2nd ed., London: Routledge, pp. 54-66.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2016, “Quand le droit parle de sciences sociales: l’introduction de la complétude institutionnelle dans le droit linguistique canadien”, Language Rights Review, vol. 3, pp. 60-93.

Chouinard, Stéphanie, 2014, “The Rise of Non-Territorial Autonomy in Canada: Towards a Doctrine of Institutional Completeness in the Domain of Minority Language Rights”, Ethnopolitics, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 141-158.

Csergo, Zsuzsa and Ada-Charlotte Regelmann. (2017) “Europeanization and Minority Political Action in Central and Eastern Europe.” Problems of Post-Communism 64 (5): 215-18.

Csergo, Zsuzsa and Ada-Charlotte Regelmann. (2017) “Europeanization and the Emergence of Collective Rationality among Minority Voters in Central and Eastern Europe.” Problems of Post-Communism 64 (5): 295-310.

Csergo, Zsuzsa, Ognen Vangelov and Balazs Vizi. (2017) "Europeanization and Minority Inclusion in Central and Eastern Europe.” Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics 3(4): 5-16.

Csergő, Zsuzsa, Philippe Roseberry, and Stefan Wolff. (2017) “Institutional Outcomes of Territorial Contestation: Lessons from Post-Communist Europe” published in Publius: The Journal of Federalism 47.4: 491-521.

Book Reviews
Csergo, Zsuzsa. Commentary on "Ethnic Stuggle, Coexistence, and Democratization in Eastern Europe,” as part of a book symposium about Sherrill Stroschein’s book by this title (Cambridge UP, 2012), Nationalities Papers 43: 4 (2015): 634-51.

Csergo, Zsuzsa (2017) “Virtue Epistemology and the Democratic Life” in The Oxford Handbook to Virtue (edited by Cynthia Snow). Oxford: Oxford University Press

2021. "How and Why the Chicago Principles Came to Canada: Free Expression on Campus and the Closing of the 'Campus Crisis Feedback Loop.'" American Review of Canadian Studies. 51(4): 533-553.

2021. “Deplatforming in Theory and Practice: The Ann Coulter Debacle.” In Emmett Macfarlane (Ed.), Dilemmas of Free Expression (Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press).

2021. “Skateboarding's Olympic Moment: The Gendered Contours of Sportification.” Journal of Sport and Social Issues. 45 (5): 395-425.

2020. "Contemporary Campus Controversy and the Conceptual Elasticity of Harm." Canadian Journal of Political Science. 53(4): 755-776.

Forthcoming. "Presidential Constraints on Supreme Court Decision-Making" Journal of Politics.

2018. Motivating Litigants to Enforce Public Goods: Evidence from Employment, Housing, and Voting Discrimination Policy, In The Rights Revolution Revisited: Perspectives on the Role of Private Enforcement of Civil Rights in the United States, ed. Lynda Dodd. Cambridge University Press.

2016. Private Enforcement of Constitutional Guarantees in the Ku Klux Act of 1871, Constitutional Studies 1, no. 2 (2016): 81-95. 

J. Andrew Grant. (2018). “Agential Constructivism and Change in World Politics.” International Studies Review 20:2, 255-263.

Adrien N. Djomo, J. Andrew Grant, L. Celestine Fonyikeh-Bomboh, Julie T. Gagoe, Noël H. Fonton, Neal A. Scott, and Denis J. Sonwa. (2018) “Forest Governance and REDD+ in Central Africa: Towards a Participatory Model to Increase Stakeholder Involvement in Carbon Markets.” International Journal of Environmental S(tudies 75:2, 251-266.

J. Andrew Grant. (2017) “The Kimberley Process on Conflict Diamonds, New Regionalisms, and the Dynamics of (Re/De)Territorialization." In Ulf Engel, Heidrun Zinecker, Frank Mattheis, Antje Dietze and Thoman Plotze, ed. The New Politics of Regionalism: Perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. London: Routledge, 146-158.

Haglund, David. (2017) “C’era una volta la Lobby Tedesca negli USA,” Limes: Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica, no. 5.

Haglund, David . (2017) “‘Strategic Culture’ on the Road to (and from) Fulton: Institutionalism, Emotionalism, and the Anglo-American Special Relationship,” in Churchill and the Anglo-American Special Relationship, ed. Alan P. Dobson and Steve Mars. London: Routledge. pp. 19-42.

Haglund, David. (2017)  “What’s in a Name? Walls, Immigrants, Ethnicity, and the Issue of US-Transatlantic Relations,” in US Foreign Policy in a Challenging World: Building Order on Shifting Foundations, ed. Marco Clementi, Matteo Dian, and Barbara Pisciotta. New York: Springer.  pp. 125-44.

Haglund, David and Justin Massie. (2016) “Southern (Over) Exposure? Quebec and the Evolution of Canada’s Grand Strategy, 2002–2012,” American Review of Canadian Studies 46 (June): 233-53. 

Haglund, David and Jonathan Lu. (2015) “Jefferson in Montreal: The Unusual Intervention of a Long-Deceased American President into the Debate over Québec's Charter of Values,” Québec Studies 60(Fall/Winter): 105-24.

Haglund, David and Justin Massie. (2014) “Un poids décisif? L’influence du Québec sur les interventions militaires canadiennes,” Globe - Revue Internationale d’Études Québécoises 17(2): 173-206.

Haglund, David and Dru Lauzon. (2014) “‘Homegrowns’ in North America: The Changing Face of Radical Islamism, and Its Implications for Canada–United States Relations,” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 20(September): 305-19.   

Haklai, Oded. (2016) “Bound by Tradition: The Exclusion of Minority Ethnonational Parties from Coalition Governments – A Comparison of Israel and Canada,” with Liora Norwich Ethnopolitics 15: 3, 265-284.

Haklai, Oded (2009) "State Mutability and Ethnic Civil Society: The Palestinian Arab Minority in Israel," Ethnic and Racial Studies Volume 32, Issue 5, pp. 864 - 882. 

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Human Rights without Human Supremacism", Canadian Journal of Philosophy, published on early view: The text of a 2017 Canadian Journal of Philosophy Distinguished Lecture, presented at the CPA.

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Liberal Multiculturalism as a Political Theory of State-Minority Relations”, Political Theory, 46/1: 81-91 (invited commentary for symposium on Alan Patten’s Equal Recognition).

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Connecting Domination Contracts”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Volume 41/3: 532-40 (part of review symposium on Charles Mills’ Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism).

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Minority Rights”, in Chris Brown and Robyn Eckersley (eds) Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory. Oxford University Press, pp. 166-78.

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Linking Self-Determination and Human Rights: Comment on Peter Jones” in Adam Etinson (ed) Human Rights: Moral or Political? Oxford University Press, 460-468.

Kymlicka, Will. (2018) “Metics, Members and Citizens”, in Rainer Bauböck (ed) Democratic Inclusion: Rainer Bauböck in Dialogue. Manchester University Press, 160-82. (co-authored with Sue Donaldson). [One of six invited commentaries on Bauböck’s lead essay].

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Ethnoreligious Identity, Immigration and Redistribution”, Journal of Experimental Political Science, Volume 4/3: 173-182. (co-authored with Stuart Soroka, Matthew Wright, Richard Johnston, Jack Citrin and Keith Banting).

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Social Membership: Animal Law beyond the Property/Personhood Impasse”, Dalhousie Law Journal, Vol. 40, 123-155.

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Multiculturalism without Citizenship?” in Anna Triandafyllidou (ed) Multicultural Governance in a Mobile World. Edinburgh University Press, pp. 139-161.

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Afterword: Realigning Multiculturalism and Animal Rights” in Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues and Les Mitchell (eds) Animals, Race, and Multiculturalism. Palgrave, pp.295-304.

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Inclusive Citizenship beyond the Capacity Contract”, in Ayelet Shachar, Irene Bloemraad, Maarten Vink and Rainer Bauböck (eds) Oxford Handbook of Citizenship. Oxford University Press, pp. 838-859 (co-authored with Sue Donaldson).

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Foreword: Citizenship Education: From Multicultural to Cosmopolitan?” in James Banks (ed) Citizenship Education and Global Migration: Implications for Theory, Research, and Teaching (American Educational Research Association, Washington, 2017), xi-xvii.

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Introduction: The Political Sources of Solidarity in Diverse Societies” in Keith Banting and Will Kymlicka (eds) The Strains of Commitment: The Political Sources of Solidarity in Diverse Societies. Oxford University Press,1-58 (co-authored with Keith Banting).

Kymlicka, Will. (2017) “Animals in Political Theory” in Linda Kalof (ed) Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies. Oxford University Press, 43-64. [co-authored with Sue Donaldson].

Kymlicka, Will (2016) “Defending Diversity in an Era of Populism: Multiculturalism and Interculturalism Compared” in Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood and Ricard Zapata-Barrero (eds) Multiculturalism and Interculturalism: Debating the Dividing Lines (Edinburgh University Press), pp. 158-77.

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Larin, Stephen J. and Marc Röggla. “Participatory consociationalism? No, but South Tyrol’s Autonomy Convention is evidence that power-sharing can transform conflicts”, in Nations and Nationalism 25 (3), 2019: 1018-1041.

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Berman, Bruce J. and Stephen J. Larin. “Introduction: The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims,” 3-22.

Laliberté, André and Stephen J. Larin “Conclusion: Moral Economy and the Analysis of Ethnic and Nationalist Politics,” 236-253.

Lister, Andrew (2017). "Public Reason and Reciprocity," Journal of Political Philosophy. 25.2, pp.155-72.

Lister, Andrew (2017). "The Coherence of Public Reason," Journal of Moral Philosophy, (Accepted for publication).

John McGarry, “ ‘Connor’s Communist Control Polities’: Why Ethnofederalism does not explain the break-up of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.” Nations and Nationalism, 2018. Vol. 24, issue 3, 2018, pp 533-543.

John McGarry, ‘Centripetalism, Consociationalism and Cyprus: the "Adoptability" Question’, Political Studies, 6, 2, 2017: 512-29.

Neo Loizides and John McGarry. 2018. “The 2002-04 Annan Plan in Cyprus: An Attempted UN-Mediated Constitutional Transition” in G. Anderson and S. Choudry eds., Territorial Cleavages and Constitutional Transitions. Oxford. Oxford University Press. In press.

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John McGarry and Brendan O’Leary, “Power-Sharing Executives: Consociational and Centripetal Formulae and the Case of Northern Ireland", in Allison McCulloch and John McGarry eds., Power-Sharing: Empirical and Normative Challenges (London: Routledge, 2017, 63-86).

Moore, M. (2018). The Taking of Territory and the Wrongs of Colonialism. Journal of Political Philosophy. doi:10.1111/jopp.12156

“Introduction” and “Reply to My Critics” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (symposium on my book). Vol. 21, no. 1 (2018). Currently on Early View.

“Legitimate Expectations and Land”, International Journal of Moral and Political Philosophy, –special issue on legitimate expectations. vol. 4/2 (2017), 229-255.

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(2022). Undisciplined Constituency Campaign Behaviour in Canadian Federal Elections. Canadian Journal of Political Science 55(2): 444-466.

(2022). Voter Canvassing. In Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson, eds. Inside the Local Campaign. Vancouver: UBC Press. 

(2018) with Daniel Troup. "Social Movement Success as a Political Process: The Case of the 2012 Quebec Student Protests", Canadian Political Science Review Vol. X, No. 1, 2018, 50-75.

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Emerging Scholars

(forthcoming). “A Political Theory of Territory.” In the Springer Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights, edited by Kevin W. Gray and Laura Lo Coco. Dodrecht: Springer, 2022.  

Haklai, O. & Abu Rass, R. (under review). The Fourth Phase of Palestinian Arab Politics in Israel.


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