Between the EU and Russia: Domains of Diversity and Contestation

Start Date

Friday April 29, 2022

End Date

Saturday April 30, 2022


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Online (register at Eventbrite)

Centre Fellow, Zsuzsa Csergő, is presenting work on the impact of Russia's War on Ukraine on Russophone Minorities in the Baltics at a special event from The BEAR Network ( and PONARS Eurasia (

"Between the EU and Russia: Domains of Diversity and Contestation" seeks to discuss key research themes and policy implications related to the theme of diversity and contestation on the EU’s eastern borders. Departing from the usual workshop or panel formats, the two-day event wishes to provide a space for dynamic exchanges to assess and advance the state of the field in research, policy analysis, and teaching.

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