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Curdin Derungs

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Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity

University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons (Switzerland)

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Curdin Derungs is a professor in the field of public management at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons (UASG), Switzerland. As the deputy head of the Center for Administrative Management he is responsible for consulting and research of public institutions and non-profit organizations. His research focuses on topics related to community management (strategy, organization, structures) and the political system on the local and regional level (federalism, participation, public corporate governance).

He holds an PhD Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Economics both from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, and was a visiting researcher at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. Afterwards, he was responsible for public sector consulting at Ernst & Young, Switzerland. Curdin Derungs has gained broad experience in economic impact analyses and evaluations and has accompanied public institutions in organizational development and review of strategic direction. His clients include federal institutions and states governments, and municipalities as well as international organizations and NPOs (e.g., World Health Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations).

During his professional career at the UASG, Curdin Derungs has been responsible for numerous research projects. Curdin Derungs is particularly interested in the interaction between the public and private actors and is the author of various publications on the Swiss political system as well as on governance models, forms of public management and strategies of public institutions. He teaches 'Public Management' as well as 'Microeconomics' at the UASG in undergraduate and graduate level.


Public Entrepreneurship, Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Economics

Research interests

Citizen Participation, Corporate Citizenship, Public Entrepreneurship, Public Strategy and Organization, Local and Regional Governance, Federalism, Public Management, Public Policy Analysis, Local Development, Good Governance, Public Private Partnership, Public Investments


(Swiss) German, Romansh, English, (French, Italian)