Eleanor MacDonald

Eleanor MacDonald

Associate Professor

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Political Studies

Queen's University

Eleanor MacDonald (B.A. and M.A. Carleton University, Ph.D. York University) arrived at Queen’s in 1990 as a Webster Postdoctoral Fellow. In 1993, she joined the Department of Political Studies as a member of faculty, and subsequently was cross-appointed to both the Department of Gender Studies and the Graduate Program in Cultural Studies. From 2004 to 2007, she also served as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. In 1994, MacDonald was a Visiting Scholar in the School of Political Economy at Carleton University, and in 2010, MacDonald was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

The focus of MacDonald’s research and teaching is contemporary political theory. She has written on identity politics and on the political implications of postmodern and poststructuralist theory. In current research, she is exploring the concept of property. Recent papers have considered the theoretical grounding of the link between identity and property, and the challenges that environmental concerns pose to the dominant paradigm regarding property ownership.