Minority Wellbeing Index (MWI)

Principal Investigator: Zsuzsa Csergő
Start Date: Summer 2021
Funding source: EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program

This is a cross-regional comparative index that focuses on minorities’ socio-economic conditions and access to political and institutional decision-making. This index has been under construction since summer 2021. Much of the core material was collected in the framework of Dr. Zsuzsa Csergő’s project, "Minority civil society, inter-ethnic peace and sustainable democracy (MINSOC),” which focused on nine ethnic minority populations in three sub-regions of post-communist Europe. The MWI builds upon that material, but its framework is designed to be expandable to other regions, and to be applicable to other categories of persistent minority populations. The conceptual framework and methodology will be presented at the American Political Association meeting in September 2022 – in a paper co-authored with Dr. Olga Talal from CSDD and Dr. Tamás Kiss from the Romanian Institute for the Study of National Minorities, both of whom are also contributing to the design of the MWI website, which we are planning to launch in fall 2022.