Oxford-Queen's Politics, Philosophy, and Law Workshop


Monday June 10, 2019
9:30 am - 7:00 pm


North Lecture Room, St. John’s College, Oxford

Some members of the Queen’s powerhouse in Law, Philosophy, and Politics attended a joint political and legal thought workshop organized by Oxford University and Queen's University. CSDD members in attendance included Margaret Moore, Andrew Lister, and Christine Sypnowich from Queen's. The Queen’s side was matched with equal numbers of Oxford faculty across the three disciplines for an intellectually stimulating workshop. The workshop was enhanced by the lovely setting at St. John’s College, Oxford, thanks to the kind hospitality of Law Fellow Richard Ekins.

Politics | Philosophy | Law
Oxford – Queen’s

9:30 – 10:00am Coffee and introductions

10:00 – 11:00am Session One: ‘Justifying the Right of Return’
Speaker: David Miller
Discussant: Ashwini Vasanthakumar

11:00 – 12:00pm Session Two: ‘The Acting Person’
Speaker: Grégoire Webber
Discussant: Richard Ekins

12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch

1:30 – 2:30pm Session Three: ‘How Judges Make Law’
Speaker: Timothy Endicott
Discussant: Les Green

2:30 – 3:30pm Session Four: ‘Reciprocity and Directed Duties’
Speaker: Andrew Lister
Discussant: Tom Simpson

3:30 – 4:00pm Tea break

4:00 – 5:00pm Session Five: ‘Secrets and Unauthorized Disclosure: The Morality of
Speaker: Cécile Fabre
Discussant: Margaret Moore

5:00– 6:00pm Session Six: ‘Law and the Socialist Ideal’
Speaker: Christine Sypnowich
Discussant: Kate Greasley

7:00pm Dinner for participants – Branca (111 Walton St, Oxford OX2 6AJ)

This workshop is made possible by the generous support of the Programme for the Foundations of
Law and Constitutional Government (Oxford) and the Canada Research Chair in Public Law
and Philosophy of Law (Queen’s).

List of Participants

Paul Billingham, Politics, Oxford
Richard Ekins, Law, Oxford
Timothy Endicott, Law, Oxford
Cécile Fabre, Philosophy, Oxford
Kate Greasley, Law, Oxford
Les Green, Law, Oxford & Queen’s
Andrew Lister, Politics, Queen’s
David Miller, Politics, Oxford & Law, Queen’s
Margaret Moore, Politics, Queen’s
Tom Simpson, Philosophy, Oxford
Christine Sypnowich, Philosophy, Queen’s
Ashwini Vasanthakumar, Law, Queen’s
Mark Walters, Law, Queen’s
Grégoire Webber, Law, Queen’s