The Politics of Complex Diversity in Contested Cities

Principal Investigator: Zsuzsa Csergő
Co-Applicants: Keith Banting and John McGarry
Start Date: April 2015
Funding Source: Social Science and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant (5 years)

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Funded by a five year SSHRC Insight grant awarded in March 2015, this project examines change in ethnic rivalries in historically contested cities, where established status hierarchies are challenged by “political newcomers” such as immigrants and other newly mobilized ethno-cultural communities. In such cities, long-standing rivalries have emerged in multiple fields, manifesting themselves in conflicts over language use, state-church relations, cultural symbols and narratives, schools, neighborhoods, access to local institutions and resources.  This project focuses on four historically contested major cities: Montreal (Canada); Brussels (Belgium); Belfast (UK); and Vilnius (Lithuania).