Territory, Climate Change, and Migration


Friday June 3, 2022
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Queen's University CSDD and Universität Hamburg, as part of Fakultät Philosophisches Seminar series, hosted a workshop on the complex nexus of Territory, Climate Change, and Migration on June 3, 2022. 

The program of papers covered topics related to questions of political and territorial legitimacy, identity and settler-colonialism, and the convergences of these issues of self-determination and indigenous justice with increasing climate and non-climate related migration.


A Contextual Approach to Political Legitimacy
Author: Arthur Hill (Queens)
Discussant: Julia Jakobi

Contractualism and Non-Identity
Author: Owen Clifton (Queens)
Discussant: Christine Straehle

Freedom from Domination and Border Coercion
Author: Suzanne Bloks (UHH)
Discussant: Costanza Porro

Collective Climate Migration
Author: Joachim Wündisch (U Düsseldorf)
Discussant: Margaret Moore

Do We Need Principles of Territorial Justice for Settler States?
Author: Katie Jourdeuil (Queens)
Discussant : Dorela Degjoni

Occupancy, Colonialism and Migration
Author: Daniel Häuser (UHH)
Discussant: Costanza Porro

Mutual Self-Determination on Shared Territories: Convergences in Principles for Indigenous-Settler Land Management
Author: Michael Luoma (Queens)
Discussant: Christine Straehle

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