Jeremy Wildeman

Jeremy Wildeman

Director of Research, Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA)

Fellow, Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC)

University of Ottawa

I have interests in critical research on International Relations (IR), International Political Economy (IPE), development, and human security. I also have a general concern about human rights, peace, inequality, and social cohesion.

My work began two decades ago in the Middle East as a practitioner providing assistance in conflict situations. This evolved into an academic career, where I first interrogated the structures and impact of humanitarian and development aid in the Middle East. I then developed specialisations in Canadian Studies and in Middle East politics and history, which included running significant research projects on Canada’s historical and contemporary relationship with the Middle East.

My research has evolved in further ways. One, is analysis of key socio-economic issues affecting stability and well-being in Canada. To that effect, I am currently exploring the housing crisis, access to accommodation, and financialisaton in Canada. This intersects with my past work in Canadian studies, IPE, neoliberalism in development programming, and human security. Second, is analysis of the emerging multi-polar system of states. There, I am particularly interested in Global South knowledge production and policy ideas, and the role the Middle East is playing in this emerging system. This intersects with my past work in Middle East studies, IR, IPE, East Asian development and history, and colonialism/decolonisation.

I have ongoing interests in Canadian– identity, liberal democracy, decolonisation, and foreign policy. I am interested in how changes in the global order are affecting international institutions, human rights, peace, and conflict. I am very interested in theory, research methods, and in teaching methods.