Research-Creation Committee

The Research-Creation Committee's mandate from the Cultural Studies Constitution is below. 

The committee welcomes new members and inquiries or suggestions about how best to support Research Creation work. 

Contact: Faculty Co-Chair Matt Rogalsky (, student Co-Chair TBA.

  • To foster a community hub for all CUST members who engage in research-creation by sharing resources, providing assistance with conceptual development, facilitating mutual critiques, and assisting in distribution and exposure of the creative work produced within research-creation projects.
  • To advocate for research-creation within the unit, the university and beyond. The committee addresses with the institution the production needs of artists for space, materials, etc. Advocacy may also involve education about research-creation as a form of inquiry and production of knowledge and fundraising to support the work of those involved in research creation.
  • To internally archive research-creation theses that come out of CUST so that the program has information and examples for other researchers (students, faculty and community members) to access in order to better understand research creation in the context of CUST.
  • To help facilitate the Ethics Review Board process, both in terms of preparing students for the application process, as well as educating the Queen’s University GREB about research creation.
  • To review periodically and recommend to Steering changes regarding issues and policies related to research-creation, liaising with the Curriculum and Community Based Research Committees.
  • To make a regular report to the Steering Committee as part of the section of the meeting devoted to reports from Committees.